Energy Transition Europe


                     ... Let us accelerate to Clean Air for All ...

                                                   ... Let us accelerate to a Low Carbon Economy ...

                                                                                                              ... It takes two to Tango !

Together we make a difference in realizing Energy Transition in Europe.

Anton Aarts

20 years of experience in Energy Supply, - Services and - Efficiency and made up of:

17 years of work experience at a stock listed International Energy Supply & Services company.

3 years of work experience at a stock listed International Energy Efficiency Construction Materials company.


Together we are strong.

Driving Renewable Business Development, Project Management and Commercial Operations into the Economy of European countries.

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Bright Perspective

We take care of our family and friends. For now and for later. Therefore we take actions to keep our living environment pleasant. For ourselves, for our friends and for our grandchildren.